Professional & Generic Skills Programme frequently asked questions

  • What happens if I have to miss a day of PGS?

    This programme has been set up to offer a full and comprehensive overview of all the added value learning you'll need as you progress towards a substantive post in the NHS. For this reason we ask you to sign up for all 6 modules at the point of registration, and to make attendance an absolute priority.

    However, we recognise that life can sometimes get in the way, and so if you are obliged to miss a day (due to sickness, or other extenuating reasons) then you must let our administrator know so that she can report back to Health Education South West (HEE-SW). HEE-SW will follow up all absenteeism, usually with your clinical supervisor at work.

    Whilst we'd like to guarantee a place on a replacement module at another venue, this isn't possible unless we know that there is a space. The same is true about transferring into next year's programme. So we'll be as flexible as we can if you have to miss a day — but our priority will always be the students who have signed up for all 6 modules.

  • I applied to attend PGS at a particular venue and have been told that it's full. Why can't you guarantee that I can attend all modules at my preferred venue?

    We set up this programme originally to be able to offer attendance for participants at the venue closest to their home and/or jobs. Mostly, we are able to do this but unfortunately some venues are more popular than others and the places fill up very quickly. So we'll do our best, but sometimes we have to ask you to travel to a different venue for a module and we hope you'll see the benefit of doing this over missing the day.

  • What happens if I can't attend PGS at the venue for which I originally registered?

    We recognise that roles and rotations change, and so if you must contact our administrator as soon as you know you can't attend a particular venue/day, she'll do her very best to re-accommodate you where your new job is. However, the programme is very popular, and numbers are limited in every classroom because our tutors want to make this as interactive and productive a teaching day as possible, so we can't guarantee that you will always get the venue you want.

  • Can you tell me more about the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points which are available to me on completion of PGS?

    When the programme was set up with Health Education England - working across the South WEst, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) agreed to award 42 CPD points to each participant who attended all of the days comprising all of the modules. This means attendance at 6 modules, over 7 days.

    In effect, each day is worth 6 CPD points, and the RCP are content for us to award CPD points per day attended (although see above about 'missing days').

  • If I do miss a day — will I achieve all the CPD points for the programme? How can I catch up?

    If you do have to miss a day due to extenuating reasons (and it proves impossible for you to attend another replacement day), then our Programme Lead will consider a detailed personal reflection from you based on the content of the day you've missed, in lieu of attendance. To prepare this, we recommend that you make contact with a fellow participant to gather their reflection on the day they attended, as well as studying and considering the materials on the open-access learning website (MOODLE). Following this, you may email the Programme Lead ( with up to 500 words which clearly show that you have understood the key learning outcomes, your reflections on the content, and how it will be of use to you at work.

  • Can you tell me more about the Accreditation of Prior Credited Learning which forms part of the longer-term PGS progression opportunities?

    The Programme providers are in the happy position of being able to offer two choices for academic progression for participants who have completed all 6 modules of the Professional & Generic Skills Programme.

    They are:

    Bristol University — Institute of Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry).

    • Successful completion of PGS entitles the participant to apply for 10 M-level credits towards the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals (TLHP). Please email Simon Atkinson with a copy of your CPD

    Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry

    • Successful completion of PGS entitles the participant to apply for 30 M-level credits towards the Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert) in Healthcare Management, Leadership and Innovation (HMLI), in lieu of attending the Foundation Leadership module of our PG Cert. To gain these credits, you will need to apply to for APCL credits by the stated deadline, attend an induction along with the MSc HMLI students and complete a 5000 word essay, for which you will receive support from our tutors, within a defined time-frame (details below).

    • Acceptance onto the MSc in HMLI (which enables you to choose whether you want to progress to the full Masters, or 'step off' after the PG Cert) is subject to successful application, in line with standard PU PSMD process.

    • Entry requirements:  42 Royal College of Physician CPD awarded for completion of the Professional and Generic Skills Programme.
  • How long do I have to apply for APCL?

    Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry

    • Professional and Generic Skills CPD Points - you may apply for APCL credits against Module 1 of our MSc in Healthcare Management, Leadership and Innovation (HMLI), worth 30 M-level credits, within 2 years of the start of your PGS programme*

    • APCL Credits — once gained, your APCL credits will be valid for progression onto Module 2 of our MSc in Healthcare Management, Leadership and Innovation (HMLI) for 5 years*

    Application to APCL, and for our MSc, must be made in accordance with closing dates set for the year of study for which application is being made (see 'dates for your diary', below).

    *Please bear in mind that learning outcomes sometimes change. If this happens we may need to change the assessment (assignment) required to APCL and/or ask for additional information or assessment prior to enrolment onto the HMLI course.

    Dates for your diary:

    • APCL applications/expressions of interest - Friday 28 July 2017

    • Closing date for Formal Application to MSc HMLI — Friday 25 August 2017

    • Compulsory Induction (Plymouth) — 21 September 2017

    • Essay Deadline — 30 November 2017

    APCL application/expressions of interest should be made to

    For Bristol please apply to Simon Atkinson —

  • Will I have to pay for APCL?

    Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry:

    • In order to receive 30M credits the only charge incurred is the cost of APCL administration (£75) which covers the support you will require to complete the assignment

    • In order to complete and gain the PG Cert HMLI you will be required to pay to undertake the second module of the PG Cert (called 'Organisation Development and Culture') which (at the time of print) is £1260. Any subsequent modules will also be charged at the advertised rate

    For Bristol please apply via Simon Atkinson —