This policy is written to enable Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education (PPgME) to be consistent with the General Medical Council (GMC) document ‘Recognition and Approval of Trainers 2012’.


1. Definitions

An educational supervisor is a trainer who is selected and appropriately trained to be responsible for the overall supervision and management of a specified trainee’s educational progress during a training placement or series of placements.

A clinical supervisor is a trainer who is selected and appropriately trained to be responsible for overseeing a specified trainee’s clinical work and providing constructive feedback during a training placement.

The Trainee Doctor GMC Feb 2011

* PPgME adds to this ‘a trainee can only have one Clinical Supervisor at one point in time; this is the individual responsible for writing a formal report of the trainees progress. Many other clinicians will supervise clinical work.’

2. Approval

A supervisor must engage in and complete training defined in the Faculty section of the website. Their position as supervisor must be accepted by the local education provider (LEP) and the postgraduate school the trainee they are supervising is enrolled with. The Director of Medical Education (DME) will agree on behalf of the LEP. The Training Programme Director (TPD) will agree on behalf of the postgraduate school.

The supervisor must be a Consultant or SAS doctor with a permanent contract with an LEP within the geographically footprint of the PPgME.

3. Training

All supervisors must be trained. The training requirements will be explicit within the Faculty section of the PPgME website. The training will be linked to the Academy of Medical Educators Framework and be consistent with the standards contained with the GMC document ‘The Trainee Doctor’. The content of training will change in response to feedback from supervisors, new developments in the provision of medical postgraduate training and guidance issued from the regulator GMC.

4. Selection

A supervisor will be selected by the LEP and TPD. They must agree to undertake the conditions of approval of supervisors.

5. Registration

An approved supervisor will be registered with the PPgME. The supervisor will be registered on the approved database, currently Intrepid. The LEP will be responsible for ensuring that the approved supervisor is registered against the appropriate trainee. The PPgME will record the evidence for training undertaken and notify the supervisor, LEP and TPD if it is deficient.

6. Time

The LEP must ensure that the supervisor has the role recognised within their job plan. The Educational Supervisor should have identified SPA time for the role. The PPgME will monitor and audit this via the annual contract visit process identified within the quality framework.

7. Feedback

All supervisors will receive feedback on their role. Each postgraduate school will be responsible for ensuring this. The feedback will be provided in confidence to the supervisor. It should be used for their own reflection and within the appraisal process

8. Appraisal

The role of supervisor should be identified within the individual’s job plan. Appraisal of the role should be contained with the appraisal process the individual undertakes to provide evidence for revalidation and registration.




Dr Martin Davis
Associate Postgraduate Dean for Faculty Development
Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education
Health Education South West
October 2013