Quality Panels

Trainee Information Sheet


What are Quality Panels?

  • Quality panels are the new way that Health Education England (HEE), working across the south west, formerly known as the Deanery, aims to improve postgraduate education across Peninsula and Severn
  • The goal of these panels is to appraise whether a training post is providing good quality training. If it is then the hard work of those involved needs to be recognised and shared with others. If it isn’t, then ways in which it can improve need to be identified
  • Panels are an opportunity for trainees to shape their training and that of others


How do panels run?

  • The panel will be comprised of trainee representatives, training programme directors, lay representatives and others such as educational supervisors
  • There will be more trainees on each panel than other representatives
  • Each trainee on the panel will represent feedback from other trainees in the post
  • Feedback is based on the new GMC standards and falls into two categories: ‘Safe Supportive Working Environment’ (SWE) and ‘Effective Educational Environment’ (EEE)
  • Every trainee in each post across the region will be asked to complete an online questionnaire. The aim is to choose the grade of ‘best fit’ for each question.  Where you mark a post as Requires Improvement or Inadequate, you are asked to provide some brief details – this is to ensure any subsequent actions are targeted appropriately
  • The aim of the panel is to give each post a grade: Excellent, Good, Requires Improvement or Inadequate
  • To come to this conclusion, the panel will put together feedback from trainees in the post, the GMC survey, and the previous year’s Quality Panel report
  • When the panel agree on the grade for the post they will also need to suggest ways in which the post can be improved and highlight areas of good practice. If there is a significant issue then an action plan and timeframe will be agreed and the post reviewed again after this period


When and where will panels be held?

  • The panels will run between July and December- exact timings will be decided by each programme/school
  • Panels may take place in each trust or they may be region wide. This will depend on the number of trainees in the programme (i.e. there are many more trainees in foundation than in neurosurgery)


What happens if you are chosen / volunteer as a trainee representative? (Trainee Rep EEE and SWE Grades)

  • TPDs will decide who they want to act as a post’s trainee representative(s).  They may ask for volunteers or nominate individuals.  Timings will depend on the date of the Quality Panel and trainee numbers will depend on the size of the programme.  The principle of trainee numbers exceeding other panel members needs adhering to
  • The TPD will allocate specific posts within a programme for trainees to report on.  This will be made clear to you at the time you are recruited/volunteer for the role
  • All trainees will be contacted directly by your local HEE team with access to an online questionnaire.  Responses will be chased centrally but your assistance is also requested in encouraging  your colleagues to complete the survey
  • Once feedback has been gathered trainee representatives are responsible for recommending an overall grade for EEE and SWE based on the online survey responses received from colleagues.   Your local HEE team will provide you with an overview of results to enable you to do this – please also see Post Grading Guide for Trainee Representatives
  • Where possible, the overall grade for EEE and SWE awarded by trainee representatives should be circulated prior to the day of the panel; failing that, results must be available on the day
  • A third score will be available to the panel that represents data received from the GMC NTS and last year’s Quality Panel.  This will be provided by the HEE local Quality Team not the trainee representatives
  • In order to generate an outcome for the post the Quality Panel will note all 3 scores and generate an overall score for the post
  • On rare occasions one issue may stand out as a problem in a post with an otherwise good score.  It is important to capture the problem in the Quality Panel report and therefore an anomaly score will be available for the panel to use
  • Following the Quality Panel, the TPD will be responsible for producing a report and once agreed between stakeholders the report will be published on the local HEE website and any actions and recommendations will be monitored and followed through by the local HEE Quality Team and/or School


Thank you for your involvement in quality panels.