Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote quality improvement by facilitating training and uptake of quality improvement projects amongst trainees in the Peninsula region, with aims of improving patient safety, experience and efficiency.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a vibrant and sustainable learning culture and environment, build on the energy and enthusiasm for evidence-based change, and promote improvement learning within the NHS.  Through strong relationships with Plymouth University, Exeter University, Severn Postgraduate Medical Education and the South West Academic Health Science Network, we will be recognised as an academic hub and a leading centre for innovation, training and research.

Who we are

The Peninsula Quality Improvement Group is a specific group within the Health Education - working across the South West (Peninsula) governance framework, comprising primarily of clinicians from health care organisations within the South West Peninsula. The group is chaired by Dr Wai Tse, Consultant Nephrologist and Associate Dean.


First NameSurnameBaseJob Title for the Group
David Adams PHNT Qi Champion & Consultant Anaesthesia
Richard Berrisford PHNT Qi Champion & Consultant Surgeon
Rob Bethune YDH Qi Champion & AHSN Lead
Toni Boarer T&SD QI Coach
Chris Bowman NDHT Deputy Medical Director
Jane Bunce Pen Deanery PPgME Quality Manager
Rachael Campbell T&SD QI Coach
Lorna Collingwood-Burke NEW CCG Director of Quality Assurance
Martin Davis Pen Deanery PPgME Associate Dean
Alison Dean DPT Leadership & Development Lead/ Head of Education
Jane Dewar T&SD QI Coach
Nadine Dyar DPT QI Champion
Rebecca Dyar Sev Deanery SPgME Foundation Doctor Fellow
Chris Edworthy T&SD Leadership & Development Lead/ Head of Education
Andrew Eynon-Lewis HEE SW PPgME Primary Care Postgraduate Dean
Andrew Fordyce T&SD QI Champion & Consultant O&MF Surgeon
Peta Foxall Exeter Medical School Director of Education
Juan Graterol RCHT QI Champion & Assocate Medical Director for QI
Matt Hill PHNT QI Champion & Consultant Anaesthesia
Natalie Jones Kernow CCG Director of Quality Assurance
Helen  Lewis RCHT Leadership & Development Lead/ Head of Education
Roope Manhas NDHT QI Champion & Consultant Rheumatologist
Susan Martin T&SD QI Coach
Paul McArdle PHNT QI Champion & Consultant Oral & Maxillo Facial
Emily  Mounsey RCHT Trainee Representative
Tina Oxland Pen Deanery PPgME QI administrator
Helen Paley GP GP APD with responsibility for QI and leadership development
Sue Pilkington NDHT Deputy Director of Nursing
Adam Revill T&SD QI Lead for T&SDHT
Caolan Roberson RCHT QI Champion 
Louise Silver RCHT Nurse Specialist QI Lead
Dawn Slater PCH (CIC) Leadership & Development Lead/ Head of Education
Helen Smith DPT Medical Director
Coral Styles PCH (CIC) Professional Lead
Nikki Thomas NHS England Head of Clinical Quality
Richard Tregidgo T&SD QI Coach
Wai-Yee  Tse Pen Deanery PPgME Associate Dean
Claire Underdown PHNT Head of Learning and Organisational Development
Joanne Watson T&SD QI Champion & QI Lead & Deputy Medical Director
Ellen Wilkinson CPT QI Champion & DME 
Sally Wilson CPT Leadership & Development Lead/ Head of Education

The remits of the group are to:

  1. Improve the quality of care for patients by delivering a better health and healthcare workforce, through the education, training and personal development of all staff and trainees.   

  2. Promote quality improvement and support changes that will lead to better patient outcomes (health), better system performance (care) and better professional development (learning).  

  3. Support a culture of seeking quality improvement, making this an intrinsic part of everyone’s job, every day, in all parts of the system.  

  4. Support trainees to undertake quality improvement work with aims of improving patient safety, experience and efficiency. 

  5. Offer training to facilitate uptake of quality improvement projects

  6. Set up a quality improvement website providing:

• contact details of quality improvement champions within the Peninsula 

• information, internet links, tools and templates on how to start quality improvement projects

• a database of quality improvement projects completed in the Peninsula 


What is QI? Starting a QI Project Who can help?
What is QI 34 30


Project Bank Upcoming Events Further Education in QI
Project Bank Upcoming Events Further education in QI