Quality Panel Process for dealing with Bullying and/or Undermining


Health Education England, working across the south west takes any allegations of bullying and/or undermining seriously and has a zero tolerance to such behaviour. 

The following process covers the procedure which should be followed when issues of bullying and/or undermining are raised during the Quality Panel process; whether reported through the trainee matrices or on the day of the panel itself.

  1. In the event that issues of bullying and/or undermining are raised, the Chair of the Quality Panel should avoid detailed discussion on the day of the panel. The Chair should assure the panel that the issues will be addressed and bring to the attention of panel members the policy described here.
  2. Bullying and/or undermining issues should not be explicitly mentioned on the Quality Panel Report.
  3. Any concerns that are raised during the Quality Panel process relating to bullying and/or undermining should be brought to the attention of the Quality Team. This should be actioned as soon as practical after the panel.
  4. The Quality Team will liaise directly with the relevant Local Education Provider’s (LEP) Director of Medical Education (DME).  Where conflicts of interest exist, liaison will take place with the LEPs Medical Director. The Head of School will be informed of the issue being investigated.
  5. The DME (Medical Director (MD) in some circumstances) will be asked to undertake sensitive local investigations in to the issues raised.
  6. Trainee anonymity and confidentiality will be protected wherever possible.  However in instances where patient safety could be compromised, the Quality Team may identify individuals and make appropriate contact.
  7. The DME/MD will report outcomes of local investigations made back to the Quality Team who will take further action as necessary in line with the local Quality Framework. 
  8. The Quality Team will ensure that stakeholders involved are updated on the outcome of any investigations and actions taken.
  9. Overall responsibility for any bullying and undermining issues raised sits with the Associate Dean for Quality.
  10. Trainees can raise concerns at any time directly through the Quality Team via: Pen.TrainingConcerns.hee.nhs.uk 


Quality Panel - Bullying and Undermining Process


Revised August 2019