Resilience and Wellbeing


Often mentioned and described with burnout, resilience is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as ‘the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties’.  It has considerable overlap with the concepts of wellness and well-being.  There is recognition that the practice of medicine has become more complex.  This, alongside changing working patterns, decreased autonomy and increasing regulation and litigation increases the stress experienced by all doctors.  Add to this the stresses of a return to work after a prolonged period of absence and it can all become a bit overwhelming.   Rather than being just the absence of burnout, resilience is considered to be the ability to thrive in the presence of challenges.   

Here at the SuppoRTT programme we understand this.  Along with the practical support that we have made available, we hope to be able to help you to further develop your survival skills and coping mechanisms, in order that you are able to thrive when back in the workplace. 
There is a wealth of support available to those who want or need it.  Most of it can be accessed on the Professional Support & Wellbeing (PSW) pages on the Peninsula and Severn websites.  
Please also take a look at our comprehensive, alphabetised list of external support services and training modules, including speciality specific support.  This includes a link to the BMA counselling and peer support service, which is available to all doctors and medical students (non-BMA members included) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The service can be accessed by calling 0330 123 1245.


Survive Thrive