Posted July 23rd 2020 (2 years ago)

The GMC National Training Survey 2020- NOW OPEN

This year’s GMC National Training Survey is now LIVE!

It was launched on 22nd July 2020 and will close on 12th August 2020.

The aim of the survey is to gain an overview of the trainees and trainers experiences during COVID.

Please use the following links for updated survey guides for:

Doctors in Training 
Question Sets

All eligible doctors will be invited to take part in the survey via email.

If you have any questions regarding the survey please direct your queries to the SW Quality team at


The National Training Survey (NTS) is a core piece of work undertaken by the General Medical Council (GMC) each year to assess the quality of postgraduate medical education and training being provided across the United Kingdom (UK).  The NTS is distributed to all known postgraduate trainees within the UK who are actively in a training post on the census date.  From 2016 a Trainer Survey will run alongside the Trainee Survey.  Detailed information can be found on the GMC website.

The NTS for trainees includes a set of core questions which looks at trainees' perception of training providers compliance with the GMC standards.  In addition to the core questions, each of the Royal Colleges and Faculties have developed a set of specialty specific questions which survey the doctors perception of the quality of delivery of the relevant curricula.

Your survey responses will help us to quality manage the training programmes in the Peninsula by helping us develop an overall picture of postgraduate medical education and training.  The survey results are analysed and triangulated to:

  • provide feedback on each training programme, postgraduate school and local education providers (LEPs)
  • benchmark the training being provided against other postgraduate organisations nationally and other LEPs locally
  • aid in the identification of educational or patient safety concerns and the development of action plans for improvement
  • assist in identifying areas of good practice
  • ensure that the training programmes and LEPs are delivering training in accordance with local and nationally agreed frameworks
  • assist in the continual development of support for trainers

Previous GMC survey results can be accessed as follows: