Travel and Subsistence Guidelines

Scope of Guidelines

These guidelines set out the travelling and subsistence rates to be paid to all External Representatives either appointed by Health Education England or nominated by the relevant Royal College / Faculty when providing advice and/or scrutiny on the delivery of Postgraduate Medical Education in Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education/Severn Postgraduate Medical Education.

These guidelines are applicable to the following activities:-

  • External Specialty Representative attending ARCP;
  • External Specialty Representative attending Postgraduate School / Specialty / Foundation LEP visit;
  • Consultants representing Health Education England at national selection centres for Specialty Training (including General Practice)

Travelling Allowances

Use of Personal Vehicles

  • When claiming for mileage for car journeys, it is the legal duty of each person driving the vehicle to hold valid motor insurance which covers business use, a current driving licence and MOT certificate where applicable.
  • Health Education England will not pay any penalty imposed under the Road Traffic Acts or any associated expense arising from a traffic accident or offence.
  • Parking and tolls will be reimbursed upon production of a valid receipt.
  • The mileage rates payable are:

Vehicle Type

 £ per mile

Car 45p
Motorcycle 24p

The rates above are the maximum amount that can be received free of tax and is known as the ‘approved amount’. Claims in excess of the approved amount are liable for tax on the excess.

Where a claimant is entitled to a higher mileage rate through their NHS employer they may submit a claim through their employing organisation and arrange for an invoice to be sent to Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education. Please note that these rates are only free of tax where you are not already in receipt of a regular user payment for mileage claims.

Public Transport

  • Travel by train will be re-imbursed for standard class travel unless a first class ticket can be purchased and evidence provided to be at a cheaper rate than a standard ticket.
  • Taxi may be used on the following occasions:-
    • the overall cost is cheaper than using public transport due to the number of staff sharing
    • there is a demonstrable and necessary saving in official time; for example, where public transport is not readily available for the journey or it would take much longer
    • the traveller has special requirements e.g. a disability which makes the use of other public transport particularly difficult or impossible
    • heavy luggage or equipment is being transported
    • there is a personal safety risk
    • there are no other forms of public transport available to and from the location of the essential business journey.
  • Air travel should only be considered for where value for money can be demonstrated against other travel options, or where there is no other viable option. Air travel can only be booked with prior authorisation from the Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education.

Overnight Stays

  • Where overnight accommodation in a hotel, guest house or other commercial accommodation is required Health Education England will reimburse the cost of the accommodation.
  • When booking accommodation, the most cost effective and practical option should be used. The limits set out below are the maximum amounts; it is expected that accommodation will be sourced at lower rates than these limits:-
    • For accommodation in London, the overnight rate should not exceed £150. Where meals are included (or not claimed) this rate may increase to £170.
    • For accommodation outside of London, the overnight rate should not exceed £120. Where meals are included (or not claimed) this rate may increase to £150.
  • Where non-commercial accommodation is used (friend or relative) a flat rate of £25 will be paid.

Subsistence Allowance

  • If lunch is not provided free of charge a meal allowance of £5 is available between 12:00 noon and 2.00 pm.
  • An evening meal allowance of £15 is available when away from home more than ten hours and unable to return home before 7.00 pm.
  • No reimbursement will be made for any alcoholic drinks purchased.


  • Expenses will only be paid when accompanied by receipts and up to the maximum limit permissible. All receipts must be submitted with the claim form these may include the following:-
    • Public transport fares (rail, taxi, buses, tube etc)
    • Bridge toll, car parking fees, ferries etc
    • Lunch and evening meals
    • Accommodation

Submission of Claims

  • Claims for expenses must be received within three calendar months of the event taking place or they may not be paid.
  • Claims will only be accepted on the Health Education England Travel and Subsistence claim form.
  • The form must be completed on a PC (not hand written), printed off, signed and the original posted, we cannot accept emailed, faxed or scanned copies. It is also advised that you retain a copy of the receipts and claim form for your records and if the original gets lost in transit.