Geoff Smith
HEE SW Regional Postgraduate Dean

I am the Regional Postgraduate Dean for the South West, as well as a Bowel Cancer Screening Colonoscopist and past chair of the JAG Endoscopy training group. I have been involved with endoscopy training for over 20 years and believe that the route to the highest patient care standards is through excellence in training for all those working within a clinical team. I developed the original bid for the SW Endoscopy Training Academy and I am the Senior Responsible Officer for the Diagnostic Academy programme.

I strongly believe that the best way to attract and retain our healthcare workforce is by offering the best training and development that we can, and the SW ETA aims to provide that for the region.





Paul Dunckley
South West Endoscopy Training Academy Director

Dr Paul Dunckley is a consultant gastroenterologist at Gloucestershire NHS Foundation Trust. He is the Director of the South West Endoscopy Training Academy and the Director for the Gloucestershire Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. He has a strong interest in endoscopy training. He was the Co-Director of the Gloucestershire Endoscopy Training Centre, is currently the clinical lead for the JETS portfolio, has delivered over 250 endoscopy training courses in the UK and has delivered skills improvement and training the trainer courses internationally. He sits on the JAG training working group and the national endoscopy database committee.

"It is a real honour and pleasure to be the Director of the South West Endoscopy Training Academy especially as an ex south west trainee, who started his endoscopy training in the region. My first inspiration on the impact that high-quality endoscopy training can have on the trainee came from being taught by Robin Teague on my Basic Skills Colonoscopy course in Torbay. I have aspired to achieve those standards when delivering endoscopy training myself. My focus for the Academy is the patient. Upskilling the whole endoscopy workforce, enhancing training opportunities and reducing workforce gaps will enhance patient experience and improve patient outcomes"




Chrissie Smaldon
Endoscopy Programme Lead

I have had varied and diverse roles within my professional carer ranging from 15 years employment in HM Prison Service to working to within residential rehabilitation for substance misuse.
Prior to joining HEE I project managed a community-based service. I was responsible for the management, delivery, and development of a community project supporting women in all aspects of their recovery journey (from substance misuse and domestic abuse). I had responsibility for the strategic and operational lead of the project designed in response to the need of the women and families who would be directly supported by the service translating that into a sustainable programme that could evolve and be shaped to meet changing demand.

I joined HEE in May 2018 and have enjoyed working in a supportive role within professional development and support and my previous role in the SW Performance and Programme Management Team.
I am delighted to be the programme lead for the SW Endoscopy Training Academy and am passionate about supporting high quality training and education opportunities for all of the endoscopy workforce, positively impacting staff wellbeing, morale and resilience and improving patient care and experience.




Phedra Dodds
Endoscopy Nurse Lead

I have worked for the past 20 years in endoscopy; first as an endoscopy nurse honing my assisting skills and then as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Endoscopist. For the past decade I have worked in Wales as a Consultant Nurse. I have long been involved with endoscopy education and training for the workforce and have worked with JAG as the clinical lead for JETS Workforce creating the e-portfolio, e-learning and courses used now throughout the UK. I firmly believe that education can be transformative personally and professionally for all team members in endoscopy, and I gained my PhD for a study looking at ways we can better provide education for IBD patients.

I am delighted to be joining the SWETA as the lead nurse and am really looking forward to working with the region and staff to create new opportunities for workforce training and education, hearing the best practices of the region and developing staff so that patient care and delivery can be optimised. We will also look at some of the difficult areas such as recruitment and retention, creating learning communities and new ways of providing exciting careers in endoscopy.




Endoscopy Programme Support Officer





Vanessa Cambridge
Training Programme Director - Clinical Endoscopy

I have worked as a Clinical Endoscopist and specialist nurse for 20 years, as both an upper and lower GI endoscopist and as a trainer. Over this time I have helped lead on developing the successful CE service in our unit.
More recently, I have become much more involved in service and workforce planning and development, which is a role I relish. I am passionate about endoscopy and improving the service as a whole.

I am really pleased to be working within SWETA as Clinical Endoscopist lead. This is such an exciting opportunity, and I am looking forward to meeting with clinical endoscopists and their teams. Working with CE’s to explore their roles and to provide opportunities to educate and train even further whilst increasing the numbers of CE working to ensure safe, timely, high quality care for our patients.




Jane Capille
HEE Professional Development Lead (Endoscopy Administration)

I have worked for the past 20 years at Weston General Hospital in various administration roles including 10 years within the Endoscopy environment, as Booking Administrator up to Support Manager and then Administration Manager.
Working within Endoscopy involved leading and supporting the administration workforce through changes in both staff training and development and streamlining working processes through new implementation of systems and different ways of working to improve key performance issues.

I am delighted to have joined the SWETA team in April 2022 as Administration Lead. This is an exciting opportunity to be working as a team to able to support development and training needs especially within the Endoscopy administration workforce. Working with the South West regional administration to gain further knowledge of what is required to improve staff retention, job satisfaction, morale and structured education.



Trainee Representatives

Gio Sheiybani – Gastroenterology (Severn)

Sean Mole - Gastroenterology – (Peninsula)

Niroshini Rajaretnam - Surgery (Peninsula)