The 2022/23 Scheme is now CLOSED.

Innovation Fund Guidance









Health Education England Southwest sees it as a responsibility to explore ways to adapt and adopt great practices from others. The Innovation Fund is a fundamental resource to support this activity

On an annual basis, we invite Local Education Providers (LEPs) to submit proposals for development funds to support additional postgraduate medical education and training.

Doctors in Training can apply on behalf of their LEP, however, it must be endorsed by the Head of School whose specialty will benefit; if multiple specialties benefit the Director of Medical Education should endorse this.

All applications must comply with the eligibility criteria.



To apply for funding please note the following:

  • The primary applicant must hold a substantive contract (an NHS contract with an NHS employing organisation) and be based within the Southwest Postgraduate Medical Education footprint.
  • The proposal must be to the benefit of local doctors in training and/or local trainers.
  • An innovation application on behalf of multiple programmes based within a single Local Education Provider (LEP), must be endorsed by the LEP Director of Medical Education (DME).
  • An innovation application to support a single training programme, either within a single LEP or across the Peninsula and/or Severn Postgraduate Medical Education footprint, must be endorsed by the appropriate Head(s) of School.
  • The applicant must not hold a substantive contract with Health Education England.
  • There is an expectation that either a single LEP or multiple LEPs, if a combined application, will contribute towards the cost of the proposal.
  • The application must focus and impact on training and not service delivery.


The Application Process

All applications are considered on their own merit and in line with the Equality Act 2010.

We will notify, via email, the Heads of School, TPDs, MEMs and Director of Medical Education the details of the innovation fund process, including the opening and closing dates for applications.

The information distributed will also be available on the Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education and Severn Postgraduate Medical Education websites and

For 2022 applications can be submitted from Friday 7th October 2022.


Innovation and Training Events Bid Forms will be available here from the opening date.


The closing date for innovation applications is 4pm on Sunday 30th October 2022.

Each application must be submitted using the standard Innovation and Training Events Bid Form providing detailed information of the proposal, including any immediate and recurrent financial costs.

The application must be submitted with the support and knowledge of the following persons to ensure compliance with standing financial instructions and appropriateness for postgraduate medical education and training:

  • LEPs Director of Medical Education (DME) where the applicant is based
  • Head of School of the applicants’ relevant postgraduate school
  • Finance representative of the Trust where the funds are to be sent

Supporting evidence for the proposal must be submitted with the application, (e.g. literature from the manufacturer, quotes etc.)

For applications costing more than £5,000, a minimum of three quotes must be obtained from three different suppliers where possible. If three suppliers do not exist then the reasons must be clearly stated on the application form.

Applications for recurrent funding will be declined, unless a comprehensive business plan is provided, demonstrating any appropriate or necessary long-term financial support and demonstrating agreement from the organisation providing any ongoing financial support.

The application must identify a primary applicant, all communication pertaining to this application will be forwarded to this person.

The application must identify the LEP and a named contact where the awarded funds will be allocated if the application is successful. The budget or cost centre to which the money is transferred must be ‘ring-fenced’ for the innovation fund application only.

Each completed and signed application with the relevant supporting evidence must be submitted to the following email address, with subject heading “Innovation Fund 2022/23, for consideration by the innovation fund review panel:

All applications will be acknowledged by an email to the primary applicant within 5 (five) working days from receipt.

Late applications will not be considered.

Any queries concerning the application process or a submitted application must be made through the


The Award

Each application will be considered and scored on its own merit against the scoring framework (Funding Award process on the Innovation and Training Events Bid Form)

The Panel scoring the applications will be constituted from Southwest Postgraduate Medical Education senior management team and representatives from SLOG.

All applicants will be notified by email of the result of their application by Friday 25th November 2022 at the latest. Provided we have the relevant contact details a copy of this email letter will be sent to the following :

  • Director of Medical Education (DME) at the applicants LEP
  • Head of School of the applicant’s relevant postgraduate school

The funds will be allocated in the appropriate education contract schedules.

Any equipment purchased or systems set up with Innovation Funding are the property of the Trust and not the Primary applicant or other applicants.


Review of the Award

A written evaluation is required from each of the successful applicants as to how the innovation fund has been of use and summarising what has been purchased as agreed via the application process and the impact that this has had on postgraduate medical education and training within the Southwest Postgraduate Medical Education footprint.

These reports will aid us to assess the benefit of the awards in improving postgraduate medical education and training within the area and help to formulate existing and new strategies where appropriate.

By accepting the Innovation award applicants agree to the review being posted on the Innovation section of the website.


Review of the Process

This process will be reviewed annually basis or as necessary. Amendments may be made during the application and scoring process if inconsistencies, errors or areas of concern are identified.

The innovation fund is non-recurrent and can be withdrawn and reinstated annually.


Contact Information

If you have any queries concerning the innovation fund process please contact the team by using the following email address