January 2022 Postgraduate Certificates Opportunities at the University of Plymouth




South West Postgraduate Medical Education Deanery (Peninsula & Severn) are pleased to announce applications for funding towards the following courses commencing in January 2022 with the University of Plymouth will open on Friday, 21st October 2021; 



Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education

(January 2022 intake ONLY)

Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Management, Leadership & Innovation 

(January 2022 intake ONLY)






Trainees on a recognised training programme within the South West Postgraduate Medical Education Deanery (Peninsula & Severn) who wish to study one of the following courses with the University of Plymouth are invited to submit an application for funding to support:

University of Plymouth (January 2022 intake only)


The funding awarded can fund up to 50% of the training costs of one year’s fees (excluding residential components).

Only one application per person will be considered for any award offered by the South West Postgraduate Medical Education Deanery (Peninsula & Severn), at any time, in any financial year of funding.

Applications are considered and awarded in accordance with the guidance.

Awards are agreed by the panel. The decision of the panel is final. There is no appeal process.



When allocating funding the emphasis is on enhancing professional development and, as such, more importance will be placed on how the course contributes to your development rather than the qualification attained on completion.

The applicant must hold a recognised training post with the South West Postgraduate Medical Education Deanery (Peninsula & Severn) and a substantive contract of employment for at least 6 months from the start date of the course for which you have applied for funding.

Foundation Trainees are not eligible and must discuss with their Head of School any requests for such funding.

Where an applicant is unsure of their place of employment at the beginning of the course evidence must be provided that they will still be registered on a training programme with the South West Postgraduate Medical Education Deanery (Peninsula & Severn). Trainees who are considered out of programme (except OOPT or OPPP) during the year of study for which they are applying will not be eligible.

Trainees on an OPPT or OPPP will need to be employed in an NHS organisation in the South West region to be eligible for funding.

Applicants must secure a place with the University of Plymouth and complete their application form separate to the Deanery application form. Your acceptance letter or official email must be provided no later than Friday 17th December 2021.

Funding will only be awarded for this application. Applications will not be accepted if the applicant has started the course. We are unable to support any retrospective claims for other courses that started in the 2021/22 academic year.



i) Applicants must notify the Bursary Team via Penpgce.sw@hee.nhs.uk if they defer or fail to take up the course for which they have applied. Failure to inform HEE may result in the applicant having to the pay the full amount of the course.

ii) The applicant must obtain signatures of support from the following people when submitting their application:

Core Training

• Educational Supervisor (ES) OR
• Director of Medical Education (DME)

Specialty Training (including GP)

• Educational Supervisor (ES) OR
• Training Programme Director (TPD)

An email from the DME, TPD or ES in support of this application will be accepted in place of a wet signature.

The applicant must ensure that those supporting the application (as listed above) agree that the course represents an integral part of the trainee’s personal development plan (PDP) as identified through the NHS appraisal process.

The applicant must meet the required level of fluency in the English language.

Applicants must sign the GDPR authorisation form to enable the Deanery to request information from the relevant University / course provider relating to the course they are funding. This must be submitted with the application form.

Unsigned or late applications are unable to be considered.



Applications will be dated upon receipt.

An application is not an automatic guarantee to receive funding.

The application process for funding is consistent across all applicants and each application is considered on its own merit. The process for the application is listed below.

Notification of the funding opening window will be supported through:

• Websites
• Heads of Schools
• Postgraduate Medical Education Centre Managers
• Directors of Medical Education

Applications for the January 2022 fund can be submitted from Friday, 21st October 2021.


The application form will be available here during the application window.


The closing date for applications is Sunday 14th November 2021.

Each application must be submitted on the standard application form and will be assessed against the scoring framework found at the end of the application form.

Completed applications must be submitted via email to the following address

Scan & email to:                             Penpgce.sw@hee.nhs.uk

With a Subject heading:                  PGC Fund Jan 2022

All applications will be acknowledged by an email stating confirmation of submission within 3-5 working days of receipt.

Any queries regarding the application process or an individual application should be emailed to Penpgce.sw@hee.nhs.uk



Applicants will be expected to complete the separate University of Plymouth application process and secure a place if they are awarded a bursary. Your acceptance letter or official email must be received by Penpgce.sw@hee.nhs.uk no later than Friday 17th December 2021.

The University of Plymouths application portal can be found here. Please create an account and select your chosen course from the 2 options above using the following course codes;

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education - 7283, 7284 or 7285
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Management, Leadership & Innovation - 4634

PLEASE NOTE; The portal will show that you applying for the September 2022 entry but this will be transferred to the January 2022 by the university if you are awarded HEE funding.

If you have difficulties creating an account  please email the university at meddent-pgtadmissions@plymouth.ac.uk



The Senior Business and Education Manager is responsible for the funding allocation and is supported by an administrative team.

Each application will be assigned its own unique reference number.

Funds will only be awarded if successful with the application.

Each application will be scored on its own merit and scored against the scoring framework.
Applicants must ensure they have completed the relevant University application process and form for the University of Plymouth.

The panel scoring the applications will be constituted from members of the South West Postgraduate Medical Education Deanery (Peninsula & Severn) Senior Education Teams.

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by email no later than Monday 22nd November 2021.

Any funding awarded will be conditional on the applicant providing PGME with a copy of their acceptance letter or email from the University of Plymouth confirming their place on the course. This must be received by PGME no later than Friday 17th December 2021. Failure to provide this evidence will result in funding being withdrawn.

A copy of the email from South West Postgraduate Medical Education Deanery will be provided to the Educational Supervisor/TPD of the training programme to inform them that the trainee has been successful and will be undertaking the course for which they applied.

Successful applicants are required to pay their contribution towards their course fees directly to the University of Plymouth. The university will invoice you directly for the outstanding amount. HEE will have paid their contribution in advance.

Applications will not be accepted if a trainee has started the course. We are unable to support any retrospective claims.



Upon completion of the funded course, the successful applicant must provide evidence of completion by providing a copy of the awarded certificate or evidence of the required minimum attendance for the course, within 6 weeks of completion.

If the successful applicant is unable to provide satisfactory evidence of completion of the funded course, they may be asked to reimburse the sum of the awarded fund as provided via this process.

Within 6 weeks of completing the supported course, the successful applicant is requested to write a summary detailing:

• The course that was completed;
• Who the course has been completed with (the provider);
• What has been learnt on the course;
• What are the career benefits of the course;
• The quality of the educational content of the course;
• If the course would be recommended to a colleague and why.
• Your experience of the Funding Process

This should be sent to Penpgce.sw@hee.nhs.uk

This document will aid the Panel to assess the benefits of the award and any future benefit of the course that was undertaken.

By accepting the funding, applicants agree to have published their feedback of the course.

Any concerns or issues relating to this process should be sent to Penpgce.sw@hee.nhs.uk



This process will be reviewed annually or as necessary.

Amendments may be made during the application and scoring process if inconsistencies, errors or areas of concerns are identified and this will be communicated to affected applicants accordingly.



The decision of the Panel is final. There is no appeal process.

The Deanery reserves the right to withdraw its funding or the application at any time.

When a bursary is allocated and accepted, but not subsequently claimed, the funds cannot be re-allocated due to the timing of the financial year. Interested applicants are therefore requested to consider their decision carefully before applying so that the funding can be allocated effectively and fairly.

Funding is not available to trainees who are out of programme (excluding OOPT or OPPP); for example, on a career break.

Funding or sponsorship received from other sources including from non-NHS sources (e.g. university or charity) must be declared.

Please note any sponsorship or funds received from another source will invalidate this application. e.g Study Leave Funding.