HEE-SW Faculty Development Webinar: Skilled Motivational Interviewing (Cohort 3) (FULL)

Category: Educational/Clinical Supervisors - Established Trainers Courses

Date: June 15th 2021 9:30am until June 22nd 2021 4:30pm

Location: Zoom


2-day course for educational & clinical supervisors. You MUST have attended Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (previously known as Skilfully Supporting Trainees/Colleagues).

To book your place, please email FacultyDevelopment.SW@hee.nhs.uk with your name, Trust, Speciality, GMC Number, and the name of the course and date you wish to book. 

Delivered over Zoom.

About the course:

Motivational Interviewing helps people to talk themselves into changing by using an approach that is skilful, directional and compassionate. It aims to elicit from people their own thoughts ideas and motivation for making change. It does so by cultivating a safe, respectful and collaborative environment in which client receptivity and readiness for change can be explored and increased.

This 2-day workshop will build onto the 1-day Motivational Interviewing workshop already attended. Picking up from the 1-day course, this training will help participants to focus on the Spirit of the method, the relational aspects of building a helpful collaborative partnership, and move onto considering key skills and strategies to focus on and elicit Change Talk, which in turn leads to the potential for change to happen. The training will also focus on supporting those ambivalent about making change and increasing readiness.

This skill set will be helpful in supporting trainees, and that will be the focus of the days. However, the same skill set can be used by participants in any clinical encounters. The workshops will be a mix of live presentation, video, practice opportunities and discussion.


Please email FacultyDevelopment.SW@hee.nhs.uk with any questions, before and on the day.