Lean Thinking for ES/CS/SAS

Category: Educational/Clinical Supervisors - Established Trainers Courses

Date: March 4th 2025 9:30am until March 11th 2025 1:30pm

Location: Zoom


Course ID: SW24-105


Associated Ladders of Learning:

  • 8 - Personal Development & Welfare
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This training package focuses on how to adjust your ways of thinking to understand how to maximise your input to ensure that your service can maximise their input, ultimately reducing the risk of human-led errors for the customers.


  1. Effective rather than efficient

  2. Understand how ‘world class’ organisations distinguish themselves from the rest through ‘Lean principles’

  3. Recognise how to prioritise around the most important things

  4. Maximise value to your ‘ultimate customers’ and reduce human led risk

  5. Understand how to make a commitment to personal and organisational continuous improvement

  6. Understand how to maximise individual and collective potential to achieve upgraded results

  7. Know how to reduce/eliminate risk/errors/near misses


Associate Dean Secondary Care, Associate DME, College/Specialty Tutor, Deputy Dean, DME, Educational/Clinical Supervisor Secondary Care, Dental Educational/Clinical Supervisor, HoS, SAS Doctor (Associate Specialist, Specialist, Speciality Doctor, Staff Grade, Tutor), TPD Secondary Care or Public Health Supervisor

Course Length:

This course is run over two days, both days start at 09:30 and finish at 13:30


Online via Zoom

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