Return to Training - Ready, Steady, Go! for Doctors in Training

Category: Training - Other

Date: October 11th 2024 9:20am until 12:30pm

Location: Zoom


Course ID: DT24-031


Associated Ladders of Learning:

  • 8 - Personal Development & Welfare
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This course is designed to help doctors who have had an extended absence from training transition back into the workplace with confidence. It provides strategies for managing health, stress, and fatigue while developing skills to manage energy and work-life balance.


  1. Reflect on recent changes in your own circumstances and how they may impact your return to training

  2. Explore opportunities and develop an individualised plan to support your return to training

  3. Understand the effects of health, illness, stress, and fatigue on work and learn strategies for managing them

  4. Learn to manage your energy rather than your time, and develop strategies for prioritising

  5. Explore work-life balance and develop positive intelligence

  6. Develop strategies for self-care and wellbeing, and stress reduction techniques

  7. Understand the importance of seeking support and building networks to aid your return to training


CT1, CT2, ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4, ST5, ST6+, IMT1, IMT2, IMT3, Public Health Trainee

Course Length:

This is a half day course starts at 09:20 and finishing at 12:30


Online via Zoom

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